Power to Save: Alys Stephens Center green car contest

Power to Save: Alys Stephens Center green car contest

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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Whether you like Gospel or Jazz music, a Bluegrass band or a Symphony Orchestra, you'll find a wide range of performances at the Alys Stephens Center... and coming soon to center stage: a new campaign challenging all of us to "get smart and support the arts." The event kicks off on September 17, 2009.

Power to Save reporter Ronda Robinson talked with Marketing Manager for the Alys Stephens Center, Natalie Garcia who said, "Everything is green everything recyclable from the cups, plates, napkins we have a bike blender you can actually blend drink on the bike yourself."

Those taking part in the "green" contest get the chance to win a smart car which is not only fuel efficient, it is also 95% recyclable.

There are three ways you can enter to win: make a donation to the ASC Get Smart campaign, purchase membership for the ASC Junior Patrons, or buy a ticket to the green finale event on November 5, 2009 when the drawing for the car will be held.

This is a fundraiser for Alys Stephens Center programs and educational initiatives, like connecting young people with some of their favorite artists.  

"If a show comes in on a friday night, they may stay over until monday and do a full show for students and this is free for students to come out and do a short abbreviated program and then they take questions from the students so it's a real interactive process", Garcia said.

... And a way to protect the environment and invest in our children at the same time.

For more information about the contest, contact the Alys Stephens Center at (205) 975-2787 or visit alysstephens.uab.edu.

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