No injuries during Hueytown standoff

No injuries during Hueytown standoff

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HUEYTOWN,AL (WBRC) -  Hueytown police were called to Inglenook Drive on a welfare call Saturday afternoon. However, when officers arrived the situation quickly escalated.

 "They noticed the front door was open. They heard a loud noise from inside the house, which could have possibly been a gunshot. We backed off from the house and secured the perimeter," said Hueytown Police Chief Chuck Hagler.

 A standoff ensued. Police stood in the rain, watching and waiting for over two hours. Attempts to contact the man inside went unanswered. Eventually Hueytown's "Warrant Service Unit" was called out. After assessing the situation, the decision was made to move in.

 "He had left a suicide note at the house. He had not committed suicide. He was taken into custody," said Hagler.  The man was led out in handcuffs and placed in a squad car.

 "We believed he was potentially armed and dangerous, and I believe he had posted threats on his facebook page that he was going to kill himself," said Hagler.

 However, what was a very tense and dangerous situation was eventually defused with no one being injured.

 "He didn't get hurt, we didn't get hurt, it was a good day," said Hagler.

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