Good Day Alabama for October 1, 2012

Good Day Alabama for October 1, 2012

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Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for October 1, 2012:

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh joined us live from the Downtown Branch of the YMCA with Mikal Thomas. Today he showed us the latest exercises you can do for the week. For more information, call (205) 324-4563.

BETH K - Fish tales and the supplement controversy - Should you or shouldn't you take fish oil supplements? The latest study - published in the September 12 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association - shows that fish oil supplements may not reduce the risk of heart disease. UAB Nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchin gave us a closer look at this study. This was actually a review of studies and also a "meta-analysis" in which the researchers analyzed the data from these studies all together. One of the biggest problems in research is the lack of really good studies on any particular supplement or diet. To give you an idea of this the researchers only looked at "randomized clinical trials" - the best kind of study to show if a supplement actually directly has a desired effect, and they  only looked at studies  that had heart disease as the actual result measured (as opposed to simply lowering triglycerides or cholesterol) - so the researchers were really focused on whether fish oil supplements or eating fish actually lowered the risk of dying of heart disease, or having a heart attack or stroke - these are the most important outcomes. Of the over 3,000 studies on fish oil supplements and eating fish, only 20 studies met these criteria for high quality studies!  The researchers found no association between eating fish or taking fish oil supplements on cardiac death, stroke, or heart attack.  So - has this been just one big fish tale all along? The research has always been controversial with some studies showing a positive effects and others not.  The FDA has only approved fish oil supplements for the reduction of triglycerides because that is where the strongest effect has been shown in the research. There are many things that contribute to heart disease. High triglycerides are just one. Not everyone with heart disease has high triglycerides.
     So what should you do? Dr. Kitchin still recommends that people eat fish as a healthy lean protein source. The fatty fishes are low in saturated fat and cholesterol so substituting fish for higher fat meats like red meat is always a good idea.  
As always, check with your doctor before you take fish oil supplements. They may act as blood thinners and if you are also taking aspirin or other blood thinners, you could have problems with bleeding. For now, she recommends sticking with the American Heart Association's Advice. It says people without heart disease should get fish & high omega 3 fats; Heart Disease patients should get 1 gram of EPA + DHA per day but it should be through fish first; supplements as rec'd by a doctor. And Heart Disease patients with high triglycerides need 2-4 grams of EPA + DHA and take supplements under a doctor's care. So, you probably notice the American Heart Association has never recommended fish oil supplements for everyone - just people specifically with high triglycerides and some people with heart disease. But everyone kind of jumped on the bandwagon!

- Ensuring that more students earn post-secondary degrees is critical to our nation's future, yet the U.S. continues to lag behind many other nations in its college completion rates.  With so much riding on a college education, students and parents need expert advice about what it takes to prepare for and succeed in college, including how to prepare for the SAT, a college entrance exam required by nearly all four-year colleges.  The College Board's James Montoya is a former dean of admission at Stanford University who has counseled thousands of families about the college admission process.  He explained how colleges use the SAT and share valuable tips about how to get ready for the exam, including where to access free study materials. He explained what students need to do throughout high school to maximize their SAT performance. The non-profit College Board was created to expand access and equity in higher education.  Through programs like the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT and Advanced Placement, the College Board annually helps more than seven million students make a successful transition from high school to college.  For more Information visit

ASK THE GARDENER - Libby Rich of Plant Odyssey took questions from viewers about their gardening needs. You can contact her at Plant Odyssey at (205) 324-0566 or visit

- Hailed as "the best thrill writer of the moment" (New York Times) and "the poster boy for American crime fiction" (Los Angeles Times), with more than 40 million copies of his novels in print worldwide featuring his now iconic creation-ex Army cop and all-around tough guy Jack Reacher-Lee Child is hotter than ever!  And now, there's no doubt about it-Jack Reacher is a wanted man! And this year will be the biggest year yet with the latest novel in the series is out, A WANTED MAN, and Paramount Pictures' December release of its big-screen adaptation of One Shot called Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise as the lead role. A WANTED MAN continues the action of Child's blockbuster Worth Dying For: "Reacher walked under the bridge and set up on the eastbound ramp, one foot on the shoulder and one in the traffic lane, and he stuck out his thumb and smiled and tried to look friendly."  On a lonely Nebraska road, Reacher is trying to hitchhike his way out of the Midwest and hopefully east to Washington, DC. Finally, two men and a woman pick him up and they set off-but Reacher soon discovers that everyone in that car has a secret to hide and that this is no ordinary road trip. Lee Child is the author of seventeen Jack Reacher thrillers. All titles have been optioned for major motion pictures, the first of which-Jack Reacher-will be released in December. A native of England and a former television director, Child lives in New York City, where he is at work on his next thriller, Never Go Back. Visit his website at

CAHABA RIVER SOCIETY FRY-DOWN -Bob Shepard with the Cahaba River Society Fry Down joins us with all the details on the upcoming event. Jeff Layfield, Mark Bailey, Mark Lewis, & Heath Posey of Amerex also joined us to demonstrate their winning catfish recipe for the last two years. Amerex is a Trussville business that makes fire protection equipment. The best amateur catfish fryers in Alabama will square off for the 3rd Annual Cahaba River Society Fry-Down, a competitive catfish cooking contest and riverfront festival to celebrate the beauty and significance of the Cahaba River.  A fundraiser for the Cahaba River Society, the Fry-Down is Sunday, Oct. 7, 11am-4pm, in Trussville Springs, along the banks of the Cahaba in Trussville. The Fry-Down is like a BBQ or chili cook-off, but with catfish and hushpuppies. Local teams of enthusiastic chefs will prepare catfish and fixings for a panel of celebrity judges.  Fest-goers can sample their efforts and learn about the diversity of the Cahaba River and its role as a source of drinking water and recreation for Alabama. A donation of $15 gets admission to the event. The Small Fry area will feature games and hands-on activities for children in and beside the river, led by talented environmental educators.  There will also be games and a photo contest for teens. The Cahaba River Society works to restore and protect the Cahaba River watershed and its rich diversity of life. The Cahaba is the main drinking water source for the Birmingham Water Works Board, which serves about one-fifth of Alabama residents.  The Cahaba has more species of fish per mile than any other river in North America and is considered to be nationally and globally significant for freshwater biodiversity by conservation groups such as The Nature Conservancy and The World Wildlife Fund. For more information, visit

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, it's time to sign up for the Race for the Cure! We get the scoop on how to sign your team up this year! Firefighters on the runway... Ladies, we find out how you can enjoy the show and enjoy a night of shopping all at same time! New books hit store shelves and we check them out! Time to enjoy some apples and pears and we talk with our gardener, Sandra Reaves, for advice! And Stewart Welch joins us with Money Tuesday and how you can get free financial help just by asking! That and more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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