Good Day Alabama for October 23, 2012

Good Day Alabama for October 23, 2012

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Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for October 23, 2012:

MONEY TUESDAY - Stewart Welch discussed areas of concern when it comes estate planning. If plans aren't set in advance (and even sometimes when they are), family disputes arise. Stewart advised that families have the most problems when they don't communicate with each other, make distributions unequal, plans were made under diminished mental capacity, someone is disinherted, or one child cares for the parent more than the others. These are just a few of the typical scenarios that can give rise to dissention and litigation at the death of a parent.  The most effective estate plans include input from a team of professionals including your estate attorney, Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter, CPA and trust officer…and lots of communication with children! For more information, visit

- Jeh Jeh joined us live from the Robert Trent Jones Oxmoor Valley Golfcourse with details on the "I Am the Classic" Golf Tournament. It is an 18 hole event on Thursday at the Oxmoor Valley Course. Registration begins at 7:00am with a shotgun start at 8:00am. Lunch and Awards will be at 1:00pm. The two key purposes of this event are to bring awareness to several non-profit organizations and forge professional relationships amongst Birmingham's business owners/corporations. The event's MVP and TOP Team will both receive donations for their charity of choice plus gifts, prizes and awards. This premiere tournament will feature an amazing celebrity host duo that will link the national entertainment and media with the love of golf itself. For more information, call (205) 249-3585 or visit

NATE BERKUS - Nate Berkus believes your home should tell your story; that what you love most and what you hold dear should be what you live with each and every day.  In eight years of makeovers on The Oprah Winfrey Show and then hosting his own show, he has shown that what we live with matters. In his new book  THE THINGS THAT MATTER, Berkus shares intimate stories from his life, introduces us to people who influenced him and helped him forge his sense of style, and opens up about the remarkable experiences that have left him forever changed, all of which find expression in how he lives today.  From his most cherished flea market finds, to his beloved books and photos, to the many extraordinary mementos he's collected in his travels, every piece defines who he's become and what endures in his world. Berkus invites readers into his own home as well as into twelve others, including a sleek steel-and-glass high-rise that soars above Chicago, a rustic cottage in the Hudson Valley, an ultra-chic atelier that maximizes every inch of space, a Greenwich Village townhouse that holds multiple art collections, and a study in meaningful minimalism in Marfa, Texas.  The distinctive interiors beautifully displayed in this book offer revealing portraits of their owners' lives and the inspiring choices that have made them who they are today. To learn more about Nate please visit

DISABILITIES AWARENESS - October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. The Horizons School takes this time to kick off the awareness campaign and celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Horizons School. We talked with founder and Executive Director, Dr. Jade Carter, for an update on the progress the school and students. It is the only school of its kind in the southeast. It serves young adults who have nowhere to go to further their education following high school. Dr. Carter offered parents and teachers a checklist of ways to help them identify children and teens with one or more learning disabilities and what they can do about it.  She also talked about the epidemic in diagnosed cases of Autism. There is no cure, only treatment. Nationally, 1 in every 110 children are Autistic, and in Alabama, according to the CDC, it is 1 in every 242 children. Boys outnumber girls 8-1. Learning disabilities present lifelong difficulties for those affected by them. There are many different kinds of learning disabilities, and all include some type of language difficulties. Most academic issues often fall into three broad categories: Reading disabilities, Written language disabilities, and Math disabilities.

     Parents are usually the first to know that their child learns differently from other children. Most people will, from time to time, see one or more of these warning signs in their children. This is normal. If, however, you see several of these characteristics over a long period of time, consider the possibility of a learning disability and/or other attention difficulties. If a child consistently exhibits several of the early warning signs, you should speak with his or her teacher or others learning experts.  According to the Learning Disabilities Association of America ( , LDONLINE ( and the American Psychological Association (  some common signs are:
     For Preschoolers - speaks later than most children, pronunciation problems, slow vocabulary growth, often unable to find the right word, difficulty rhyming words, trouble learning numbers, alphabet, days of the week, colors, shapes, extremely restless and easily distracted, trouble interacting with peers, difficulty following directions or routines, & fine motor skills slow to develop.
     For Grades K-4 - slow to learn the connection between letters and sounds, confuses basic words (run, eat, want), makes consistent reading and spelling errors including letter reversals (b/d), inversions (m/w), transpositions (felt/left), and substitutions (house/home), transposes number sequences and confuses arithmetic signs (+, -, x, /, =), slow to remember facts, slow to learn new skills, relies heavily on memorization, impulsive, difficulty planning, unstable pencil grip, trouble learning about time, & poor coordination, unaware of physical surroundings, prone to accidents.
     For Grades 5-8 - reverses letter sequences (soiled/solid, left/felt), slow to learn prefixes, suffixes, root words, and other spelling strategies, avoids reading aloud, trouble with word problems, difficulty with handwriting, awkward, fist-like, or tight pencil grip, avoids writing assignments, slow or poor recall of facts, difficulty making friends, & trouble understanding body language and facial expressions.
     For High School Students and Adults - continues to spell incorrectly, frequently spells the same word differently in a single piece of writing, avoids reading and writing tasks, trouble summarizing, trouble with open-ended questions on tests, weak memory skills, difficulty adjusting to new settings, works slowly, poor grasp of abstract concepts, either pays too little attention to details or focuses on them too much, & misreads information
     The Horizons School serves young adults, ages 18-26, with learning disabilities and other handicapping conditions. The only program of its kind in the southeast, and one of just 15 in the nation, The Horizons School offers students the opportunity to learn life, social and career skills designed to teach them how to live independent, productive lives. For more information, contact The Horizons School at 205-322-6606 or visit the website at

GARDENING - Jimmy Rockett with Bug Juice Gardens says Variegated Privet makes for great screening. Jimmy offered two tips to planting this great plant in your yard. This plant is a "sport" form the parent plant. That means, someone way back in time was growing this plant and the variegated leaves began to show up on the solid green privet. Then the grower made a cutting of the new variegated section and began to growing them. Now, here is the tip, when this plant begins to grow in your landscape and you notice solid green stems coming along, you need to cut them out because the variegated privet will revert back to the parent plant over time. Tip number two - this plant gets wide and tall so plant it in a place that lets it grow. You can keep it pruned but remember this, as you hedge this plant, all growth will come where you hedge it at and in time, the plant will have leaves right where you prune it. So if you can leave it alone, the better. Jimmy says this is true for all plants. Research your plant of interest before planting them to make sure it will be the correct place. For more information, call Jimmy at (205) 981-1151, email him at, or visit

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, have old televisions or computers you need to get rid of in your home? Jeh Jeh joins us from the Electronic Recycling event in downtown Birmingham with details on how you can participate! Rachael Ray has lots of exciting guests and segments coming up in the next few weeks! She joins us live with all the scoop! Our veterinarian joins us to take questions about your pet! We check out a few events coming up at the Aldrdige Gardens! Plus, we have your entertainment headlines ... that and more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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