Good Day Alabama for November 13

Good Day Alabama for November 13

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Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for November 13, 2012:

MONEY TUESDAY - Stewart Welch joined us with his six predictions for the new Congress! In the aftermath of the elections, our nation faces a number of unprecedented challenges both immediately and in the near future. Welch makes his best guess at how they'll play out over the next few weeks and months ahead:

  1. Fiscal cliff - part 1: Automatic spending cuts. As part of the 2011 debt ceiling compromise, members of Congress agreed to across-the-board automatic spending cuts beginning January 1 if the 'super committee' could not agree on a detailed spending cut plan. This would mean cuts for an estimated 1,000 government programs including deep cuts in both defense and Medicare. This is not going to happen.
  2. Fiscal cliff - part 2: Higher taxes. The Bush tax cuts are set to expire December 31st resulting in significantly higher income tax rates for both middle-income and higher-income taxpayers. This is going to be a game of 'Bluff' between the House and Senate.
  3. Death taxes. As part of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, the amount of wealth exempt from death taxes will drop from $5,120,000 this year to $1,000,000 next year. In addition, the tax rate on assets above those amounts will rise from 35% this year to as much as 55% next year. This means that many middle-income taxpayers who own their home and have enough life insurance to protect their family will, for the first time, face death taxes.
  4. Deficit. Everyone is concerned about the deficit. Unfortunately, both Republicans and Democrats lack the political will to enact meaningful legislation that will significantly address this growing problem. We'll hear lots of conversation from both sides of the aisle about what must be done but in the end I expect to see the deficit grow by more than $1 trillion in 2013.
  5. Social Security and Medicare. Don't expect a 'fix' over the next four years. Republicans are scared they'll lose control of the House in 2014 and that Obama will be free to rule over all of Congress in his last two years. The Democrats are still stinging from their losses in 2010 and will avoid tackling the toughest issues we face. Expect a lot of conversation but little action.
  6. Investors remain optimistic.

This means continued uncertainty for investors. For more information, visit

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh joined us live from Saks Fifth Avenue to get the scoop on this year's Crimson & Orange Party with a Purpose benefiting Pro Start Scholarship Fund. Join your friends as they team up to host the 2012 Crimson & Orange Party to benefit the Pro Start Scholarship Fund. You don't want to miss the unofficial kick off to Iron Bowl week with football legends from Alabama and Auburn attending. There will be a cocktail buffet featuring Full Moon Bar-B-Q, live entertainment, a special autograph session, silent auction, festive atmosphere and plenty of activities to get you ready for the big game. It is Thursday from 5-9pm at Saks Fifth Avenue at the Summit. Valet parking will be available. It is open for people age 21 & over. For more information, visit

- Dr. Jerome Williams and Dr. Casey Ray joined us this morning with advice on Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Internal Medicine for your pets. Dr. Ray received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University in 2004. Dr. Ray's specialized training allows him to utilize the latest advancements in state of the art emergency medicine, critical care and internal medicine services. His special areas of interest are; Respiratory Medicine, Immunology, Hematology, Endocrine Disease and Trauma Resuscitation. Procedures offered through this service include: GI Endoscopy; Esophagostomy and PEG tube placement; Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy; Rhinoscopy; Cystoscopy; Otoscopy; Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems; and Ultrasound Guided Aspirates and Biopsies. For more information from Dr. Ray, call (205) 481-1001 or visit To contact Dr. Williams, call (205) 326-8080 or visit

- This morning Dr. Asa continued his series of Eat This, Not That. He focused on the best things to eat when lunch time comes. For lunch he compared:
- Ham sandwich on Wonder bread, chips, and soda vs. preservative free turkey, spinach salad, nuts, organic dressing
- smoothie full of sugar vs. Whey Protein ,water, and fresh fruit
- Bagel and cream cheese with sweet tea vs fresh fruit or vegetables and nuts

For snacks he compared:
- Trail Mmx Bars (full of sugar) vs. organic trail mix
- Regular Candy bar vs 70% Dark chocolate Bar ( how dark chocolate increases brain chemicals and our immune system)
- Fruit bar vs. real Apple
- soda vs water ( ways to make water taste great naturally)

For more information from America's Health and Lifestyle Coach Asa Andrew, MD visit or follow him on twitter @DrAsa.

ALABAMA-AUBURN BABIES - Cecilia Pearson with Alabama Baby & Child Magazine joined us with a look at Alabama and Auburn outfits for even the youngest fans. For more ideas and information, visit

- Jjimmy Rockett from Bug Juice Gardens showed us bright color for the indoors. Jimmy says the holidays are coming up and friends and family will be over to gather. So how about decorating with live colorful plants? Cyclamen is a favorite for the bright color of reds, pinks and white. It is easy to care for and is gives any space a bang! Jimmy says you can even use them in conjunction with other plants as a center piece. Treat them as any house plant while checking the soil as to not to over water. Forced hydrangeas are also a big hit due to their big color as well. We all know of poinsettias so having some of these hydrangeas splattered thru out really adds a touch of dIfferent color and conversation. Topiary ivy also can add cool shapes and color by adding ribbon and colorful balls to change up the old standard of decorating a christmas tree. Jimmy says you could even add lights to the some of the taller ivy topiary. As always with house plants, never let the plant sit in water more than an hour after you water them, this could cause rot and that is not good. Jimmy also warns not to place plants near heat registers as this will dry them out faster. For more information, call Jimmy at (205) 981-1151, email him at, or visit

- Chef Franklin Biggs joined us with the scoop on this Thursday's Pepper Place Holiday Open House. Enjoy live music & entertainment, complimentary food & drinks, and door prizes. Plus register to win a 32" Flat Panel HD TV. It is Thursday night from 5-8pm and is free to the public. Pepper Place is located between 28th and 29th Streets and 2nd and 3rd Avenue South. For more information, visit Franklin also mentioned come Cooking Classes at Sur La Table Birmingham - for details on that, visit

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, we focus on diabetes! The doctor joins us to take your questions! Jeh Jeh gets us in the holiday spirit with his annual trip to hear Handel's Messiah performed by the Alabama Civic Chorale. Mickey takes us to the Birmingham Zoo to meet his newest friend! And we get the scoop on TASTE, Trussville's Art Show and Tasting Event, and sample some great food! And we check out your latest in entertainment news ... that and more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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