Website created over proposed changes to Highway 280

Website created over proposed changes to Highway 280

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There is a new way for drivers and community members to sound off on proposed changes to Highway 280.

A group of Mountain Brook residents started the grass roots campaign that went online last night. The people that started it, live in the Cherokee Forest neighborhood of Mountain Brook. They are concerned about plans to remove the traffic light and extend the median at the Cherokee Road/280 intersection. That would force drivers to make a u-turn on 280 to get on the other side of the highway. The group says the biggest concern is safety, not convenience.

"We don't claim to be engineers, so I think the most important thing is we're open to suggestions, we're open to ideas from ALDOT. …having people make U-turns on 280, is not a good idea," said resident Ali Powell.

The site contains a link where people can email their concerns to the Alabama Department of Transportation.

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