Judge: Jeffco Commissioners can be put under oath

Judge: Jeffco Commissioners can be put under oath

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Jefferson County commissioners will have to go under oath as part of the county's bankruptcy case. That's the decision from a federal bankruptcy judge on Wednesday morning.

There is a mini-trial coming at the end of January where creditors are challenging the county's plan to raise sewer rates as ‘too little too late.' The creditors want to put Commission President David Carrington, along with Commissioners Jimmy Stephens and George Bowman under oath as part of that trial. The creditors will get what they want, they can put the commissioners under oath for depositions leading up to that hearing.

The county's lawyers say commissioners cannot be questioned about their individual motives as to why they did or did not vote for the rate increases that were approved last month and the judge agreed, saying any questions about that are off limits.

The judge said those 3 commissioners can be questioned for up to 4 hours each or 12 hours in total for their depositions.

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