Senator Sessions reacts to President’s $500M gun violence packag

Senator Sessions reacts to President’s $500M gun violence package

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Senator Jeff Sessions says the $500 million gun violence package announced today by President Obama will have to be examined closely.

Sessions was in the FOX6 studio shortly after the announcement. He says that each part of the package must be closely examined to avoid risking over-regulation.

"There are some dangers from over-regulating from the White House," said Sessions. "We'll have to examine each one of these provisions and see how they connect reality and law."

The new package hopes to ban high capacity ammunition clips as well as assault weapons. It also aims to make background checks mandatory for all buyers and offer support for school security and funds for mental healthcare. Sessions says he believes parts of the package will be met with resistance.

"There'll be a strong rejection, I believe, on an attempt to have a federal universal registration on firearms," said Sessions.

The senator noted that the registrations would be difficult with the different rules for gun shows and selling firearms between family members. He says the flea markets and junk sales would be very hard to track.

Sessions stood strongly against one part of the package. He said he would not allow semi-automatic weapons to be banned.

"I do think that the semiautomatic weapon cannot be banned. That's the fundamental weapon rifle in America," said Sessions.

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