Vestavia residents start lice removal service

Vestavia residents start lice removal service

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Vestavia Hills resident Laura Lee Grove had a big problem.

"Our family got lice," said Grove. She ended up having to go all the way to Nashville to find someone who could remove them.  However, it was on the car ride back that Grove had an idea.

"I thought, we have to bring this to Birmingham!" That's exactly what she did, joining with longtime friend Robin Cameron to create "Nit Wits Lice Experts of Alabama."

"We confirm whether they do or do not have it," said Cameron.  "We have had several moms come in, because they are just crying because they are just so relieved to have help.  They have been battling it for months."

Sit in one of their barber chairs, and you'll get a full head check with careful attention paid to lice hot spots.

"They are usually behind your ears, the base of your neck, your crown," said Grove.

If it's determined a client has lice, they'll be shown the proof and then given the choice to have it removed at the shop or given the necessary instructions to take care of it at home.

Sure it's not the most luxurious job in the world, but there are benefits. "We feel like we are helping people which is very rewarding," said Cameron.

Rewarding, with maybe just a little bit of awkwardness mixed in, like when the women enviably get asked the question, "so what do you do for a living?"

"It's usually silence and then followed by laughter or that is so disgusting.  I cannot believe you do that," said Cameron.

"Maybe it's not even verbal...maybe it's....ughhh," said Grove laughing.


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