Former Univ. of Alabama student survives recent Miss. tornado

Former Univ. of Alabama student survives recent Miss. tornado

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Sophie Santos was a student at the University of Alabama when the April 27 tornado tore through Tuscaloosa. She transferred to Southern Miss this past fall, never expecting to live through that type of event again. However, Sunday history repeated itself.

"It kind of had that feeling of what happened in Tuscaloosa. And I kind of just had that gut feeling, that things weren't going to turn out well," said Santos.

The Southern Miss student had driven back to Hattiesburg earlier in the afternoon. A few hours after her arrival, an EF-4 twister tore through the city leveling buildings and injuring dozens.

"It was kind of like it was in Tuscaloosa. You know it was really hard to understand what was going on, when you're in the middle of everything," said Santos. "There was a statement from the director of the music school that they won't even be able to have classes in that building anymore."

Santos says she still thinks back to what happened to Tuscaloosa on April 27, 2011.

"None of us were worried until the power went out, we lost cell phone reception, and then it was just quiet."

Santos says her attitude about severe weather changed on April 27, 2011. Having now survived two tornados, she hopes everyone will realize the dangers mother nature can bring.

"Hopefully through what happened here, what happened in Joplin, what happened in Tuscaloosa, over the years people will realize that this is a serious ordeal."

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