Good Day Alabama for February 18, 2013

Good Day Alabama for February 18, 2013

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Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for February 18, 2013:

JEH JEH LIVE - Mt Olive Elementary School PTA hosts the Harlem Wizards tonight for a big fundraising event at Bragg Middle School. Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students. The game begins at 6:30pm and doors open at 5:30pm. The Harlem Wizards celebrate 50 years of Basketball Wizardry Worldwide, At the Wizards game fans see amazing basketball talent combined with hilarious comedy. The athleticism, tricks, fancy teamwork and ball-handling wizardry, plus wild dunks not even seen in NBA games, engages and wows the most avid hoops fans. The comedy is for everybody. The Wizards look to push the envelope on fun, combining pre-planned comedic acts with spontaneous humor that fans of all ages will find laugh out loud funny. The halftime show with hundreds of kids on the court, plus the postgame interaction with the Wizards who stay until every autograph is signed, is the cherry on top.

BETH K - UAB Nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchin joins us to take explain why Vitamin D Supplements fail the test. In a study published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers found that many over-the-counter and the researchers analyzed 5 tablets from the same bottle for the supplements for each brand    -they found that within the same bottle, some pills varied from as little as half as much vitamin D as it was supposed have to over a third more than what it was supposed to have-in one bottle marked 1000 IU's, of the 5 pills sampled, the lowest had 520 IU's of vitamin D and the one with the highest had 880 IU's - so all of the pills were well below what the bottle stated! And then they analyzed 1 tablet from 5 different bottles from the same lot# for each brand and also from different lots (batches) - they found that compounded Pills - a lot of people like to use compounding pharmacies but the researchers found a great deal of variation on compounded pills too with only one third of those tested falling within the recommended 10% range. This is bad on several counts. First of all, our patients taking vitamin D may not be getting the right amount which could affect their vitamin D levels and increase their risk for osteoporosis since vitamin D helps you absorb your calcium. Secondly, this could affect research results that use vitamin D.
     So what can you do? Look for "USP": the supplements with these letters - United States Pharmacopeia - tell you that the supplement has been tested for content, quality and dissolution. In this study, the supplements with USP were within the expected 10% range of vitamin D amount.  Don't Spend a lot of Money! More expensive does not mean better quality. Many inexpensive supplements often test just as well or better than their more expensive counter-parts. Don't Overdose on D:  check with your doctor about how much vitamin D you should get. I usually recommend no more than 2000 IU's a day - but remember, if you take a multivitamin and or a calcium supplement with D in it, you need to count that in!

TRAVEL LADY - Mike talked with Becky Beall from The Travel Voice for travel ideas over Spring Break. Find her on the web at She told us about Spring Break deals at some popular destinations. She talked about the upscale Aqua Resort, the Summit Beach Resort, and Edgewater in Panama City Beach. For those wanting to keep their vacation dollars in the state, check out Hampton Inn & Suites right on Perdido Beach Blvd. on the beach. She also discussed cruises on the Disney Cruiseline, Norweigian Cruiseline, and Carnival Cruiseline. She recommends watching their websites for some deals.

ASK THE GARDENER - Horticulturist Terry Joyner took questions from viewers about their gardening needs. If you have questions, you can contact her at T. Joyner, Inc Horticulturist-Landscape Design at (205) 337-3051.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, has anyone in your family ever had a concussion? If so, you know the trouble it causes for the entire family. If not, join us tomorrow as we talk with the experts about how families should deal with it. Our interior designer joins us with some great ideas for your home! We look at hunting and try out some target practice with our wildlife expert! And we look at new music and movies hitting store shelves this week! Join us for all of this and more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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