Experts: Some people can't stop texting, even while sleeping

Experts: Some people can't stop texting, even while sleeping

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From insomnia to sleep walking, people have always struggled with getting a good night's rest. But now there is a new problem unique to the 21st century, sleep texting!

"What it is, is the phone beeps or it buzzes or it makes some sort of noise and they just reach out and they get it," said Dr. Elizabeth Dowdell, a professor at Villanova University.

However unlike a normal text, this one the person has no knowledge of sending. That can lead to some O-M-G moments the next day.

"Someone says hey do you know what you sent me last night? We start to see some concerns raising there because they have no memory," said Dowdell.

Dr. Dowdell studies teens and online behavior. She believes that age group is most susceptible to sleep texting.

"It's part of their life," she said. "This phone, they are connected to everyone and everything and they just text."

Clinical psychologist and sleep specialist Dr. Michael Breus says while most of the time the consequences of sleep texting usually stops with embarrassment, it did cause one of his patients some real world problems.

"In her sleep she would agree to do a second shift. She'd be on the night shift and be ready to leave. And her boss would say what are you talking about leaving? You told me you were going to do an extra shift. And she'd have no recollection of it," said Breus

While there has not been any specific studies done yet, there is reason to believe a good number of people are affected. Sleep texting even has it's own hash tag on twitter.

However for chronic sleep texters there is hope. Dr. Dowdell has an easy cure.

"Don't put it (phone) next to the bed, put it across the room, turn the ringer off, give kids permission to disconnect from this phone for 10 hours, 12 hours."

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