Good Day Alabama for April 1, 2013

Good Day Alabama for April 1, 2013

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Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for April 1, 2013:

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh joined us  live from AirWalk this morning for Exercise Monday. The "Ultimate Trampoline Arena" opened recently.  For more information, call (205) 637-3347 or visit

- Light It Up Blue, annually observed on April 2 is dedicated to raising awareness of autism. Autism Speaks, the world's largest autism science and advocacy organization, announced the launch of the inaugural Light It Up Blue campaign in 2010. This initiative is intended to raise international awareness of autism as a growing public health crisis in support of World Autism Awareness Day and Autism Awareness Month in the United States. Iconic landmarks around the globe - including the Empire State Building in New York City and Willis Tower in Chicago along with the CN Tower in Toronto and Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia - as well as airports, bridges, museums, concert halls, restaurants, hospitals, and retail stores, are among more than 100 structures in over 16 U.S. cities and nine countries around the world lit up in bright blue on the evening of April 1, 2010 - the first night of Autism Awareness Month in the United States and the eve of World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD). Visit the Light It Up Blue website and signed up. Every donation makes a difference in the lives of your neighbors! Light up your home, your business, church, school, or website! You can make a donation through the website - - or text "AUTISM" to 25383 to make a $10 donation to Autism Speaks (charges will appear on your wireless bill - message & date rates apply).

DANGEROUS DOGS - The city of Center Point is concerned about increasing incidents with "dangerous dogs."  To the point that they will consider tightening ordinances on pets at their Tuesday night meeting.  Center Point City Council Ppresident Roger Barlow joined us to discuss the concerns. Dog Trainer, Greg Winters, explained what you should do if you encounter a vicious dog. He says if you are approached by a dog that appears threatening, you should:
     1) Resist the impulse to scream, run away and/or panic
     2) Avoid eye contact and frontal interaction with the dog
     3) Do not turn your back, stand sideways and keep your hands at your sides
     4) Once the dog loses interest in you and/or show signs of backing off, slowly and confidently move away  
If you are attacked by a dog what can you do?

     1) If the dog does attack, "feed" the dog your jacket, purse, bicycle, or anything that you can put between yourself and the
     2) Utilize a dog repellant such as Halt (recommended up the USPS).
     3) If you fall or are knocked to the ground, curl into a ball with your hands over your ears and remain motionless. Try not to scream or roll around.

SOCIAL MEDIA CONFERENCE - According to Top Dog Social, 25% of small- to medium-sized businesses have no social media strategy and only 28% of those businesses measure their Return On Investment of social media activity. Local business woman, blogger, and social media expert Mitzi Eaker wants to help small business owners close the social media gap. Mitzi is holding the "STRENGTH" conference series every Monday night in April at Danberry at Inverness to help small business owners, mom-bloggers and professionals to
o Understand social media,
o Develop a social media strategy,
o Learn how to use online metrics,
o Refine online branding, and
o Maximize social media activity.

STRENGTH: SOCIAL MEDIA CONFERENCE FOR SMALL BUSINESSES will be on Monday Nights in April from 5:30-9PM at Danberry at Inverness (235 Inverness Center Dr.). To register, visit The cost is $169 for the entire series or $39.99 per night.

ASK THE GARDENER - Horticulturist Terry Joyner took questions from viewers about their gardening needs. If you have questions, you can contact her at T. Joyner, Inc Horticulturist-Landscape Design at (205) 337-3051.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, April is Earth Month and that brings one of Birmingham's best parties of the year with "Every Drop!" Find out how you can enjoy yourself while supporting the Cahaba River Society! Mike gets a tennis lesson from a pro and we find out how your young tennis players can compete in a tournament! We look at new books on store shelves for your reading pleasure! Ever visited an outdoor market at other big cities around the country like New Orleans or Charleston? Birmingham has it's own this weekend with the Hot Biz in the City Pop Up Bazaar! Join us for the scoop on when and where it is as well as what local items you can find there! In Money Tuesday we look at how to avoid becoming a victim or theft and how to protect your items if you do! And we talk carrots in Good Day Gardening and look at how to get ones with vibrant colors and flavors! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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