Legal expert: Ala. Senate's gun rights bill has no legal standin

Legal expert: Ala. Senate's gun rights bill has no legal standing

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Alabama lawmakers are telling Congress to back off on gun control with a new bill but a former judge says it holds no weight.

Tuesday, a bill did pass the Alabama Senate Tuesday that says federal law in violation of the Second Amendment will  be considered null and void in Alabama.

Former federal court judge John Carroll says the bill has no legal standing because state law cannot trump existing federal law. So - what's the point?

"It's reminiscent to other times the state of Alabama has said, 'We are going to fight the federal government.' So it has political value I suppose," Carroll said.

However, Carroll isn't sure it was the best use of the legislature's time. There are just four days left in this year's legislative session and a stack of bills that many Alabamians hope to see hit the floor in time for voting.

Senator Sanford of Huntsville proposed the bill. FOX6 News tried to reach him for comment but have not yet heard back.

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