Hoover High student sues school for 'excessive force'

Hoover High student sues school for 'excessive force'

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Hoover High School. Source: WBRC video Hoover High School. Source: WBRC video

A Hoover High School student is suing the school system and several others alleging "excessive force" was used against her two years ago.

It all started when the students says she fell asleep in class. The lawsuit says the student was sitting in in-school-suspension at the time and the supervisor attempted to wake her up. The teacher allegedly pushed the cubicle she was in, hit the cubicle wall and then hit her to waker her up.

The girl fell asleep again and the lawsuit claims that the teacher picked up a book and slammed it down so hard that it bounced up and hit the girl on the chest. The girl was eventually ordered to leave the room and she called her mother from the hallway. While on the phone, she was approached by a Hoover Police Officer.

The officer allegedly began "slapping" her backpack to get her attention and the student asked the officer to leave her alone. That's when the suit claims the girl was shoved into a file cabinet and handcuffed.

In response to these allegations, the school board's attorney gave this statement:

Hoover High School is one of the premier high schools in America because of its professional staff. School officials at Hoover High School would never engage in conduct as alleged in the complaint and did not do so. The allegations are without factual basis. The Hoover school officials and police officer named in the complaint will adamantly deny the allegations of misconduct.

No criminal charges were filed in the case. The teen received medical treatment after leaving the police station but the suit says no bones were broken.

The student claims that she fell asleep because of chronic medical conditions, Type 2 diabetes and asthma.

The suit also names the school's principal, the board of education, the police department and the city itself.

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