Homebrewing legalized in Alabama

Homebrewing legalized in Alabama

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It's now legal to brew your own beer in the state of Alabama. Source: WBRC video It's now legal to brew your own beer in the state of Alabama. Source: WBRC video

Homebrewing is now legal in Alabama. The Alabama Homebrewing Association estimates there are 5,000 homebrewers in Alabama. One is Jeff Benedict who just moved to Alabama.

"I'm from Maryland. When I moved here I was kind of disappointed homebrewing was illegal. I brought most of my equipment with me but I've yet to brew here," Jeff Benedict said.

At the Hop City Wine and Beer company their phone has been constantly ringing. The company earlier offered homebrewing products and equipment until the Alabama Alcohol and Beverage Control agents seized them. The general manager said that will change starting next Tuesday.

"It's retailing verses the big brown truck dropping it off at your house. There are retail sales that gain taxes, there is benefits to that as well," Chris Reid said.

Reid said homebrewers will not be competing with his business but rather they will help grow interest in a large variety of craft beers offered by his company. Reid said when it comes to homebrewing it's not complicated.

"A bucket and determination is where you start. You got your hops and your got your water of course and you got your yeast. If you can make soup you can make beer," Reid said.

Benedict calls the practice a challenging hobby.

"You get to mash grain in there. So much technique that go into it that makes it enjoyable. Plus you never know what's going to happen in the end," Benedict said.

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