Mtn. Brook residents upset over vulgar graffiti aimed at police

Mtn. Brook residents upset over vulgar graffiti aimed at police

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Not once, but twice now, vandals target an empty property in Mountain Brook. This time they defaced a brick wall with a harsh message about police.

The city has placed a tarp over the graffiti until a more permanent solution can be determined. In the meantime, community members are outraged over the message spray painted on the wall.

The property where it happened is owned by a bank out of New York. Years ago, this was going to be a residential neighborhood with townhomes. That deal fell through and now all that sits there is a gate and two brick walls; one of which has some pretty offensive material spray painted on it.

"It's a disgrace," said Fred Kanter who lives in the neighborhood across the street. "Horrible, didn't feel like anything like that should happen here in our country, in our city. It's disgusting. I don't know who is responsible; certainly hope they find the guilty culprits."

Becca Impello couldn't agree more. She owns Embody Manuel Movement Therapy which is located right next door.

"It's not hard to miss driving up the street," said Impello about the vandalism.

Impello only saw part of the message. The vulgar and offensive language had already been covered up, but she knows what it says under the tarp.

"That is really disrespectful to the whole community, as well as disrespectful to law enforcement, very disappointing," she said.

Impello is also concerned about this property in general because it has been abandoned here for years.

"People may be hanging out there. People may decide to be doing more vandalism," Impello said.

In the meantime, police are investigating and anyone with information is asked to call police.

"The wording and writing is so perfect. It looks like professionals," said Kanter. "I hope their parents know about it. It would be nice if they would and get after them."

The City of Mountain Brook is planning to remove the vulgar part of the message, even though the wall is technically on private property. It will be up to the property owner to remove the rest.

As for this property itself, FOX6 News is told it's close to changing hands.

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