Birmingham named #21 in best drivers report

Birmingham named #21 in best drivers report

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Birmingham drivers were given some encouraging news today after being ranked No. 21 in the 2013 "Allstate America's Best Drivers Report™." For the report, Allstate conducted an in-depth analysis of the company's collision claim data from America's 200 largest cities then determined the average years between collisions of drivers in each city.

The report defined an auto crash as, "any collision resulting in a property damage claim." The report states that "the average driver in Birmingham will experience an auto collision every 11.3 years." The report also states that the relative accident likelihood compared to the national average of the past 10 years is -11.6%.

A few other Alabama cities also ranked well nationally including Huntsville, Ala. (No.7), Montgomery, Ala. (No.9) and Mobile, Ala. (No.24).

Some other cities didn't fare so well nationally. Washinton, D.C. was ranked the worst city to drive in with an average of only 4.8 years between each accident and the relative accident likelihood at 109.3%. Yikes. So next time you are sitting in stop-and-go traffic on US-280 from a 2-car accident or frustrated with delays on I-65 from a pileup, just remember we're the lucky ones!

If you want to look at the complete report from this year or see any of the previous year's results you can visit

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