Secretary of State's Office aware of voter fraud complaints in T

Secretary of State's Office aware of voter fraud complaints in Tuscaloosa

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Tuscaloosa voters go to the polls on Tuesday to elect city council and school board members. Meanwhile, the Secretary of State's office says it is aware of complaints of voter fraud in one Tuscaloosa district. These allegations are from District 4, which is near the University of Alabama.

The case surrounds a house on University Circle, just off campus. Voting records show more than 10 people are registered to vote in the house, but we are told none of these people actually live here.

One of the races in District 4 is for the city school board seat. Incumbent Kelly Horwitz is facing challenger Cason Kirby. Both say they want to win fair and square.

Kelly horwitz: "We need people who have a vested interest in our community to get out and vote. People who are lying that have no vested interest will be subject to the penalties of the law," said Horwitz.

Cason kirby: "I can tell you this: my campaign is committed to winning this election, but we're committed to winning this election fairly and that's what we plan to do tomorrow," said Kirby.

The Secretary of State's Office says it is aware of the complaints. They say once they receive a written complaint, they will forward that on to the Attorney General's Office for their review.

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