Good Day Alabama for September 19, 2013

Good Day Alabama for September 19, 2013

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Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for September 19, 2013...

JEH JEH LIVE - The 2013 St. George Food Festival Menu is today, tomorrow, and Saturday. It includes Middle Eastern groceries from Nabeel's Imported Food; icons, religious articles and books for sale; hand carved olive wood from the holy land will be on sale; stained glass art by Mary Aiken; Pysanky eggs by Sister Vladimir; live arabic band - Amin Sultan Frday and Saturday evenings; Arabic Dancing performed by our youth nightly; and church tours each evening. For more information, visit

- September is National Preparedness Month. Julie Cobb, Registered Nurse in the Emergency Preparedness Division at the Jefferson County Department of Health joined us to show us a backpack that your family can make to have ready in case of an emergency. Julie shares general tips to educate the public on preparing for an emergency. Ready is a national public service advertising (PSA) campaign designed to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies including natural and man-made disasters. The goal of the campaign is to get the public involved and ultimately to increase the level of basic preparedness across the nation. Ready asks individuals to do three key things: (1) make a family emergency plan, (2) build an emergency supply kit and (3) be informed about the different types of emergencies that could occur and their appropriate responses. In 2006, FEMA launched Ready Kids, a tool to help parents and teachers educate children ages 8 - 12 about emergencies and how they can help get their family prepared. Online materials are available at <>. Make a family emergency plan
<>< This link is a printable family emergency plan for kids-may want to use as a graphic. There is also a printable version for parents. These forms help you know who to call - pick the same person for each family member to contact. It may be easier to contact a relative or family friend that lives out of town. Also, texting may be the only way to communicate during an emergency if phone lines are down; where to meet - choose a meeting spot near your home as part of your fire escape plan. Choose a second meeting place in case you are unable to get home; keep your family's contact information in a safe place like your wallet or backpack. Information can also be stored in your cell phone. Build an emergency supply kit
<>< Printable parent checklist-may want to use as a graphic. I will have examples of these items in the back pack for a visual. It should include water/food-non-perishable (include can opener and food you like!); first aid kit-medications (have a list of all current medications for all family members); flashlight/radio/batteries; change of clothes/shoes; important papers-load on a thumb drive and include insurance, mortgage and banking information as well as immunization information; and personal items-this includes hygiene items but should also include comfort items for children such as a stuffed animal. Make a reminder somewhere to update items-check for expiration dates every 6 months-year. Stay Informed - Be aware of the hazards in your area. If you are not sure, contact local elected officials or the Jefferson County EMA at 254-2039. Also, know the emergency plans for your work place, school and daycare. Schools and daycares have existing evacuation and reunification plans. Find out what they are before an emergency. Keep your family's emergency plan and kit updated.

VILLAGE CREEK CLEANUP - Today through Saturday the Village Creek Society (VCS) <> will host its 8th Annual Fall Clean-up with Alabama Power Renew Our Rivers and other partners. Today and tomorrow, volunteers will meet at Avenue F and 10th street to do an "in creek" clean-up. Chest Waders, boots, pickup sticks, and gloves will be provided to volunteers. It will be followed by a picnic lunch. Saturday, September 21st is the "out of creek" clean-up where volunteers will be picking up debris from the creek banks and surrounding area. "Out of creek" volunteers will meet at Moro Park Ensley Avenue M and 11th street and should not plan to be in the water.

OUR HOUSE - Amanda LeBlanc is one of the south's finest organizing experts. This morning she showed us how to organize our closets as we prepare for the changing seasons. For more ideas, visit

PET OF THE WEEK - Ravel Pfaff from the Shelby County Humane Society introduces us to a pet that needs a new home. Her name is Cinder. For adoptions, call (205) 669-3916 extension 22 or visit

- "The Best & Worst Dressed" of 2013 is here! One of PEOPLE's most popular specials, "The Best & Worst Dressed" issue will name "The 10 Best Dressed Women" of 2013 separated in categories such as "Best Risk-Taking Style", "Best Maternity Style", "Best Dressed Woman in the World" and more! And for the second year, PEOPLE enlists fashion's top experts and influencers to weigh in on who should be featured this year. This issue also puts the spotlight on best gowns, fashion bloopers and the top style moments of the year. Plus, what are the editor's picks for best shoe, bag, haircut, jewelry, etc. for 2013. PEOPLE also picks "Best Hair," "Chic at Every Age," "Trends Done Right (& Wrong)" and the "World's Worst Dressed". PEOPLE's "Best & Worst Dressed" special issue goes on sale Friday, September 20th, for two weeks.

ROB RIGGLE ON NFL - Fans all over the country are glad football is back. Nobody is more excited about the start of the 2013 NFL season than actor, comedian, FOX NFL Sunday host and avid football fan Rob Riggle. Riggle - best known for his roles in The Hangover, Step Brothers and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - is letting viewers know how they can earn rewards for what they're already going to do all season (watch football) and revealing the entertaining results of the Bud Light NFL Fan Superstition Survey. NFL fans are invited to get in the game by downloading Bud Light's "Fan Zone" app. The "Fan Zone" app makes football even more entertaining by challenging fans to make real-time predictions about the NFL game they're watching. Fans can earn prizes, including gear, tickets and even a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII. More details about the app are available at

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, we take you live to the Home Show for a look at all the experts and fun new products for your home that you can find there this weekend! We get pepped up for Friday night football at our FOX6 Sideline Pep Rally! Judge Lynn Toller has some unique guests in her courtroom this fall and she tells us all about it!
Comedian April Macie comes to the town and she joins us in the studio with a few laughs! Mickey's friends from the Birmingham Zoo joins us in the studio and we bring you the latest entertainment and business headlines! Join us for all of this and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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