117th Refueling Wing back to work after shutdown

117th Refueling Wing back to work after shutdown

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150 employees of the 117th Refueling Wing of the Alabama National Air Guard are back at work today with news that the government shutdown is over.

The furloughs started October 1st. They went back to work on October 7th and it is unclear if they will get paid for that week they were furloughed.

117th Refueling normally runs three to four refueling training flights a day. That dropped to once a week during the shutdown. The training is considered critical to prepare to refuel in flight.

Colonel Clifford James is the wing commander of the 117th Refueling Wing. He says the end of the government shutdown is just a temporary fix.

"It would make planning easier if there was a more permanent solution. This gets us until January 15 until spending cuts and February 17 until the debt ceiling raise. We know in three months there will be a battle again. Until then, we don't know what we are going to do," said James.

More than 800,000 furloughed government workers returned to work today. The bill will keep the government running until January 15th when another shutdown could happen.

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