Overton Road at Hwy 280 will be closed temporarily starting Oct.

Overton Road at Hwy 280 will be closed temporarily starting Oct. 25

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Source: Alan Collins/WBRC Source: Alan Collins/WBRC

Drivers along US 280 can expect some major changes Friday night.

Due to continuing construction the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) plans to shut down the intersection of Hwy 280 and Overton Road.

Katie Stanford takes her two year old daughter Harper to Overton Park to play. The Stanford family depends on the intersection.

"It's going to be kind of pain because we pretty much us it every day," Stanford said.

Over the next nine days drivers will not be able to turn off of Highway 280 onto to Overton Road and they will not be able to turn off of Overton Road onto Highway 280.

"Just leave the house a little earlier. May have to leave 20 minutes early to prepare for detours and backed up traffic," Jason Brazil said.

Detour signs have been put to give drivers directions around the closed intersections. This is a part of ALDOT's $15.6 million project the speed up traffic along Highway 280. Traffic lights have been removed and U-turn signals installed in an effort to increase traffic flow.

"I think it's working. At least on my side, it's working at the water treatment, water supply over there. Took me 25 minutes to get home now it takes me 15," Brazil said.

But, other drivers complain the changes have added to traffic accidents because many drivers don't understand those changes.

"The turn lanes, they have been messed up because you have to go down and turn. It's been a little bit of a problem," Stanford said.

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