Outlet Shops of Grand River to open holiday skating rink

Outlet Shops of Grand River to open holiday skating rink

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Southerners do not often get a chance to go ice skating, but you'll have a chance soon at a local shopping center. There is a holiday ice skating rink at the Outlet Shops of Grand River in Leeds.

It's not Rockefeller Plaza, but this 3500 square foot rink is sure to appeal to people who love skating, and it's going to be open at four o'clock Thursday evening. Since the rink will be based at the far end of the Outlet Shops of Grand River, holiday shoppers can grab gifts before heading over to rent some skates for $10.

Santa Claus and skilled skaters will hold shows on Thursday, the official kick off. There will also be hot chocolate and popcorn as a fun treat for skaters and non-skaters.

"I think it will also encourage a lot of people to start skating, and may promote a healthier lifestyle," said Marla Kornegay, an experienced skater who will work as a skate guard at the ice rink.

This is the first time the Outlet Shops at Grand River has built a rink for the holidays.

"Well, there's not be an outdoor rink here in Birmingham, and we thought we'd bring something new," said Rosalyn Rodda, a spokesperson with the Outlet Shops of Grand River.

There are no worries in case it gets hot outside.

"There's actually an anti-freeze solution and air conditioning system that's working under the ice, so even in warm weather it's still able to keep thick ice," said Rodda.

The rink will be open until January 5th.

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