Good Day Alabama for December 2, 2013

Good Day Alabama for December 2, 2013

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IRON BOWL - This morning we talked with Bo Jackson - former Auburn standout, Rod Bramblett - Voice of the Auburn Tigers, and Sports Illustrated writer Lars Anderson, and about Saturday's Iron Bowl and #4 Auburn's last second win over #1 Alabama. It was the most historic Iron Bowl yet leading up to the game with the rankings, hype, and anticipation. And the game lived up to the hype as the score remained close the entire game and Auburns Chris Davis ran back a missed field goal attempt to score in the last second of the game. Auburn is now the SEC West Champion and Faces Missouri in Saturday's SEC Championship Game in Atlanta.

- Jeh Jeh works out on this Exercise Monday! He joined us with Curtis Starks at EVO. For more information, call (205) 583-3000.

- Cecilia Pearson with Alabama Baby & Child Magazine joined us with at the latest gift ideas for kids For more ideas and information, visit

BBB HOLIDAY BUDGET - With the joy of the holidays comes the stress of over spending… and over-spending. Every year, many consumer overspend during the holidays, starting off the New Year in debt. But not to worry! You can make this year debt-free by creating a holiday budget and sticking to it! Although retailers anticipate an increase in holiday spending over last year, that doesn't mean you have to spend more.  Whether you plan to spend more or less than that average, the key is to set a budget and stick to it. BBB teamed up with the Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions to offer financial tips to help you manage your expenses and stay clear of debt. To get started, check out the Holiday Planner Caluclator, which helps you compartmentalize your holiday budget into categories like gifts, travel, and food. You set the overall budget, and adjust it depending on your needs and plans for the holiday season. Here are some other ideas from Clearpoint for sticking to a budget:
Make a list - Jot down a list of the people you wish to give a gift
Set a limit - look at your budget to see how much you can afford to spend in total and set limits for the amounts you will spend on each person.
Do your research - many retails offer holiday deals, but it's always good to comparison shop. Online prices may be better, but don't forget to factor in shipping costs.

Plan your purhcases - Decide on what items you will buy online and which you will purhcase at local retailers. Visit to check out their BBB Business Reviews.

- Share this delicious traditional Latin American dish with your friends and family this holiday season, and support the essential work of HICA in our community. From November 27th until December 6th, order your pork, chicken, or pepper tamales online at They are $15 for each half dozen or $25 for each dozen. Pick up frozen tamales on December 13th at HICA's office in Homewood. For more information, call (205) 942-5505, email, or visit
Founded in 1999, the Hispanice Interested Coalition of Alabama is a 501C3 non profit organization dedicated to facilitating the social , civic and economic integration of Hispanic families in Alabama.

- Alabama Cooperative Extension Agent Sallie Lee took questions from viewers about their gardening needs. You can reach her at the Extension office with your questions at (205) 879-6964 ext 11.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama
, Grammy Award Winning Multiplatinum singer/songwriter Ashanti brings us a bit of the holiday spirit! She joins us with her new projects! It's Red Rock Tuesday and Jeh Jeh checks out a new trail for us! Have someone in your life that enjoys growing vegetables? We get some gift ideas for those special people! Want to invest in your child or grandchild's future? Consider making a long term investment in their education! We show you the best options in Money Tuesday! And the question we all have as we do a bit of over-indulging in those holiday treats.... can exercise cancel out the effects of overeating? We find out! Join us for all of this and more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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