School district will give coach chance to explain marijuana are

School district will give coach chance to explain marijuana arrest

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Students were back in halls of Fairfield Middle School Monday, but those in David Toney's math class spent the day with a substitute teacher. The district says that will be the case until they learn more about Toney's arrest.

Toney is accused of having less than 28 grams of marijuana in his car Friday night when a Highway Patrol trooper stopped the teacher for speeding. Troopers tell us Toney was given a warning for his speed, but arrested for having the drugs.

"We don't have all the facts just yet, but what we've heard thus far greatly concerns us," said Fairfield County Superintendent JR Green.

Green says he's unsure of exactly how long Toney has been with the school district. What he is sure of, however, is Toney's students are big fans of his.

"He is an outstanding teacher," said Green. "Students are very excited about his math instruction. He's very engaged, with tremendous management. He's been a stellar teacher."

The former teacher of the year was released from jail Saturday morning. Fairfield Central head football coach Demetrius Davis told WIS, after the game on Friday night, Toney's absence wasn't a factor in the team's loss to Dillon. He wouldn't say much more than that.

The school district says they want to make sure they give Toney a chance to explain the allegations against him before deciding what his future with the district will look like.

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