HVAC technicians keep busy during cold snap

HVAC technicians keep busy during cold snap

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HVAC employees across the state have been busy since the cold snap hit Alabama.

The phone lines have certainly heated up at Banks Quarles Plumbing and Heating in Tuscaloosa.

"Yeah, we're having a lot of no heat calls. I really haven't seen any frozen pipe calls yet," operations manager Patrick Hall.

Hall says a cold snap like the one Alabama is experiencing sends his crews out all day long for a variety of reasons.

"A lot of it is just aging equipment," Hall said. "It just needed some attention. And you know when stuff is going to fail it will be at the most extreme time."

He says the best thing homeowners can do is make sure their heating and cooling units are working before a cold snap or heat wave.

"Routine maintenance is fairly inexpensive and it will keep you from having breakdowns," Hall said. "And it will alert you ahead of time of any issues you may need to address."

Experts recommend insulating pipes, covering exterior faucets and even opening the cabinets in your kitchen to let heat keep pipes in the walls warmer.

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