Additional Stillman College students complain of poor living con

Additional Stillman College students complain of poor living conditions

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Student photos of maintenance issues. Source: WBRC video Student photos of maintenance issues. Source: WBRC video

Stillman College is responding after more students have come forward to complain of mold and other poor living conditions on campus.

Thursday, Amina Kelly said she had developed skin problems after living on campus. She blamed mold and other maintenance issues. She said that after numerous attempts to alert school officials yielded no results, she will have to transfer schools.

"It was really a traumatic experience for me," Kelly said Thursday.

Friday, Kelly says she's receiving backlash from Stillman for speaking out. She's trying to withdraw from the college but the process hasn't been easy.

"Why did I spend my money here? I could have went elsewhere where they would have cared more about my health conditions and more about my well being," Kelly said.

Kelly says she's received tremendous support from her peers.

"I'm going to push it even more because with God behind me, no one can stop me," Kelly added.

Also more Stillman students are coming forward to talk about conditions on campus. Some of the pictures students sent us are from community showers from various dorms on campus. They didn't want their identities known for fear of retribution.

"It's sickening. Because a lot of people can get sick," one student tells FOX6.

"It was very trashy, dirty, and it was not suitable for students to live in," another student said.

"We have a very bad roach problem," another student claimed.

Below is a statement from Stillman College on the situation:

"In an effort to provide faculty, staff and students with an aesthetically pleasing and safe environment, the institution takes preventive measures for the maintenance and repairs of its facilities, including administrative buildings, residence halls and academic buildings. These facilities, especially the living spaces for students, are monitored on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure that maintenance issues are addressed promptly. When major repairs or concerns are required or identified in a student's room, the student is given the option of moving into another room or residence hall.

It is in the best interest of our institution that we maintain a favorable atmosphere on our campus. The maintenance of these facilities is reviewed periodically and, when required, repairs are made or concerns addressed," said Dr. Sharon Whittaker-Davis, Vice President for Student Affairs. "A number of repairs were made last week in Roulhac Hall, and our plant operations team continues to aggressively monitor and repair as needed."

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