JeffCo manager Tony Petelos back at work

JeffCo manager Tony Petelos back at work

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Jefferson County Manager Tony Petelos is back on the job after being diagnosed with cancer last month.

The county manager originally expected to take a leave of absence starting in June but after consulting with doctors, Petelos has decided to undergo chemotherapy first.

Petelos said he would make a decision in the fall if surgery will be necessary. If the chemotherapy causes him some issues he would take off part of the week.

Petelos said his spirits are up in part thanks to all of the support he has received.

"It's absolutely amazing the outpouring of support and prayers that have come my way in the community. Total strangers come up to me and say they praying for me. I've had different churches support groups," Petelos said.

Petelos said he and his family are more optimistic today than just after he was diagnosed with cancer.

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