Israelis flee towns near Gaza border

Israelis flee towns near Gaza border

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An Israeli strike leaves a hole in the roof of a center that leads into Egypt from Gaza. (Source: FOX) An Israeli strike leaves a hole in the roof of a center that leads into Egypt from Gaza. (Source: FOX)

GAZA CITY, GAZA (FOX) - Fresh fighting on Monday in the nearly two-month long war in the Mideast.

The death toll continues to rise as cease-fire efforts between Israelis and Gaza militants remain stalled.

Another day of mourning for Palestinians outside a morgue in Gaza City.

Hamas officials say three people died in an Israeli airstrike on this vehicle.

Israelis also targeted a building at the Rafah Crossing, leaving a gaping hole in the roof of the departure lounge of Gaza's only legal gateway to Egypt.

Meanwhile the search for survivors continues in debris of some of the more than 17,000 homes destroyed in the fighting.

"We were sitting when all of a sudden strikes started falling on us. We started running and we saw that the house was completely destroyed," said Beit Lahiya resident Mustafa El Bana.

Israel is hitting dozens of targets a day in retaliation, it says, for the hundred plus rockets being fired daily from Gaza, forcing Israeli citizens to run for cover as sirens blare.

Playgrounds are empty and homes shuttered in a farming community and many other towns near the Gaza border since many have fled for safer ground.

The government is offering assistance to people who live within three-miles of the Strip, paying for their out of town accommodations.

"The situation is very tense. There's no doubt about it," said kibbutz resident Micha Ben Hillel.

The latest round of fighting comes after a six-day cease-fire fell apart last week.

Mediators are still trying to get the two sides back to the negotiating table.

But for now, the deadly conflict continues.

"The secretary (of state John Kerry) has remained engaged with the Israelis, the Palestinians, with a range of countries that have a stake in seeing a peaceful outcome," said State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki.

Israel says it won't negotiate under fire and Hamas still has an estimated 3,000 rockets left.

Israel's prime minister says the fighting could continue into September.

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